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Serious positions can be formed by drawing conclusions from the data. There are two ways to do this when developing the steps in your dissertation. Following the inductive line, we have certain assumptions on a given topic even before the dissertation research begins. For example, we know that Friedrich Nietzsche influenced Freud in some way, but a much more tangible hypothesis is needed. How much easier it is for us to make the following hypotheses after closer examination:

We conclude that the correctness of our idea would be worth examining in more detail in our dissertation analyzing the relationship between the two authors, and our first hypothesis has already been stated. But what about paths to deductive topic selection, which isn't that easy, especially if you haven't written your dissertation yet. It is better to seek help from those who have already done this, for example, the author of the essay (college paper help). We have studied Nietzsche's views on the inductive birth of tragedy and understood how the decadent destruction of the Dionysian force echoes the Freudian death instinct, and the rational, life-affirming approach of Apollo in many ways resembles the human working instinct.

Nietzsche criticized European religions on a number of points until he came to the harsh thesis that he was the Antichrist, a harsh critic of Christianity. And Freud described religion as the opiate of nations, and in many of his writings he questioned religion. This led to deductive theories about the two authors, and if we are competent enough we can deduce from their general ideas the statements that constitute the second hypothesis of our dissertation:

Hypothesis 2: Nietzsche's Zarathustra and the critique of Christianity contributed to Freud's more thorough psychological exploration of faith in European culture. In order to reject or confirm a hypothesis, we need to carefully present Nietzsche's and Freud's relevant remarks in the next stages of writing a dissertation, because this is the only way to know whether we were right or not.
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