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Forum Strona Główna ť forum ogolnomilitarneť from all over the world for you to move, walk, work, live an
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from all over the world for you to move, walk, work, live an
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"Starting with adidas shoes, the brand is bringing back out their Stussy Air Force 1 as well as their beloved “Neon” Air Max 95. Afterwards, SB is set to celebrate the season with Sean Cliver as they prepare the Dunk Low “Holiday Special.” Next door, the Jumpman is gifting the public some Air Jordan 13s, specifically, its “Hyper Royal” and gold speckle colorways.
In continuing the A-ZX series by adidas Originals, two pillars of German manufacturing come together to intertwine their individual methods into one item – the nike stock. Globally revered for their high-quality porcelain products, Meissen brings its focus on craftsmanship into the world of footwear, applying an elegant floral pattern onto the upper of this white leather ZX 10,000 C.
In terms of their sneaker collaborations, BAPE often goes back and forth between adidas and Reebok. And when you compare the two — even despite their close relationship — the end product is quite distinct from one another, as the Boston-based brand consistently delivers in the realm of creativity. Now, they’re set to do so yet again, with the Japanese streetwear imprint’s motifs imparting further influence on the iconic reebok shoes.
Since its return, the asics shoes has linked up with a number of outside talents, including long-time friends, new partners, and everything in between. And now, to close out the year, the Japanese footwear brand is teaming up with sneaker convention SneakerLAH and streetwear label HUNDRED% for a metallic reimagining.


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Forum Strona Główna ť forum ogolnomilitarne ť from all over the world for you to move, walk, work, live an
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