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Essentials from the Official Footwear Store
PostWysłany: Pon Sty 04, 2021 2:54 am Odpowiedz z cytatem
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st. szeregowy
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"Even though many only have eyes for the new balance mujer outlet, it’s far from New Balance‘s best silhouette. Among a wide range, the 1300 undoubtedly stands as one of the Boston brand’s most pivotal icons, its releases slow but well-appreciated by long-time fans. And now, after a little too many of the aforementioned, the retro silhouette will be returning in a simple “Cloud White” arrangement.
Among the many classics out of the New Balance arsenal, Japanese street style purveyor and pioneer Hiroaki Shitano of Whiz Limited and Shigeyuki Kunii of mita have chosen the futuristically modified new balance hombre 574, dosing in punchy colors in a subversion of typical military themes for a kit dubbed “For The Night.” Along its breathable mesh uppers and durable suede/nubuck mixtures is a canvas of expressive tonality, featuring bright hits of red and blue throughout with a cyber-akin grid pattern adorning the midsole’s aggressive construction.
As arguably the most classic silhouette among a lineup certainly not lacking for important and influential designs, the new balance mujer running has always held a special place in the hearts — and on the feet — of sneaker lovers the world over. First released in the ’80s, the 574 remains towards the cusp of NB’s most popular releases, and now its timeless DNA is being re-worked for the contemporary New Balance 574 Sport V2.
Featuring a minimal aesthetic that interpolates the new balance hombre zapatillas’s most iconic design details, the upper calls upon a traditional combination of mesh and suede — but the midsole leaps forwards into the 21st century with a two-piece Fresh Foam midsole that’s held together by a plastic shank.


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Forum Strona Główna ť forum ogolnomilitarne ť Essentials from the Official Footwear Store
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