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how many pages are 1250 words
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The more the better! This saying fits perfectly true for articles with 1000+ word count. Long articles promises of more and detailed information about the topic and has the capacity to induce the yearning for more thoughts in readers if written properly. If you are planning on writing an article or story or other writing piece and wondering if it would go over 1250 words, then you also must be curious about the page count of your article. In this blog you will come to know how many pages are 1250 words in a Word file.

With the size of 12 in Arial or times New Roman font, your 1250 words article can take up two and two fifths of page (when single spaced) or four and four fifths of pages (when double spaced).

How to write 1250 words?
If you are instructed specifically to write exact 1250 words then you can divide your article into four main sections: title, introduction, body and conclusion and try to write the specific number of words given below.
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Forum Strona Główna ť II Wojna Światowa / II World War ť how many pages are 1250 words
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